Gift of Fire 1.2.4 "Tools for Disabled People" (pages 21-23)
GOF "Blackberry Thumb and RSI" (pg. 368)
OF 8.2 "The Therac-25" (pp. 377-378)
Telemedicine: service delivery to isolated and remote areas
Electronic health records : privacy, data analysis, public health
Diagnostic and therapeutic tools : Robotic surgery, prosthetic devices , Diagnostic software , drug development and marketing
Medical advice on the Internet or a CD-ROM
Monitoring patient
IT solutions for disabled people



Diagnostic and therapeutic tools
Surgery, prosthetic devices, diagnostic technology, rehabilitation, patient monitoring, individualized IT solutions for disabled people, accessibility.
Medical information, administration, marketing and sales
Medical advice, e-prescriptions, telemedicine, electronic health records, international health cards.
Medical research
Global collaboration, database for the Human Genome Project, improving patient rehabilitation.
Psychological and physical considerations
Internet addiction, repetitive strain injury (RSI), ergonomics.

IT/Health in the news

Hospital Information System

Known as HIS, this system is a large database that connects with all sections of a hospital. For more information click here.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery is the latest method used by doctors in order to enhance the accuracy and safety in their procedures.
For the latest information on Robotic Surgery click here.


Radiology is the medical specialty directing medical imaging technologies to diagnose and sometimes treat diseases. Traditionally it was the branch of medical science dealing with the medical use of X-rays emitted by X-ray machines or other such radiation devices for the purpose of obtaining visual information as part of medical imaging. Click here to read on...

This is an application available for PDAs, smartphones, and iPhones which allows obstetricians to access their patients' vital health data anywhere in real-time.