2.6 Politics & Government

Gift of Fire 2.2.4 Video Surveillance & Face Recognition (pp 68-70)
GOF 2.4.2 Public Records
GOF 2.4.3 National ID Systems (pp 91-95)
GOF 3.5 The Global Net: Censorship (pp 163-169)
GOF 5.2.4 Hacking as Foreign Policy (pp. 239-241)
GOF 5.4.1 When Digital Actions Cross Borders (pp. 258-262)
GOF 8.1.3 "Voting Systems" (pp.369-371)



Political processes
Online campaigning, voting, lobbying, fund-raising and advertising.
Government information sites
For example, travel warnings, tourist information, environmental information and warnings, government policies, city government websites.
Access to, and updating of, personal information held on government databases
Collection, storage and updating of personal data: for example, driving licence, TV licence, tax returns, passport applications and renewals,
medical records, military service records, social security information, online police records.
Government control and use of information
Censorship, data matching across agencies, archiving, biometric data, national identity cards.
Law and order
Police surveillance, terrorist monitoring, DNA data.
Cyberwarfare, smart weapons, espionage, battlefield technology.